My Didi just turned 100. Heres a brief photo essay of the very special occasion.

Lost in Space

So only just discovering Vine I got totally overexcited at the prospect of being able to be creative within the realms of making 6 second films, only to be disappointed after the fact (by making a short), and not realising that it has to be done through the app. So here is my #6secondfilm “Lost in Space”. Perhaps someone will get to see it, at some stage, sometime…



I have recently been scouring my archives for forgotten images. As a photographer its always a surprise to find images that you had shot and that had disappeared into the grand digital abyss of our time. So I have decided to create a series of my work called “Squares”. Anything that hasn’t been commercially abused and that I had forgotten about or images that resonate with me, for whatever reason, be it for a certain place and time, who knows, will be resurrected in the form of a “Square”.

(all images are the work of myself, warren heath and I have full copyright and ownership and no images may be used from this blog without my permission)


While scouting for some film work I am busy working on I drove up a very dark and busy Signal Hill only to be greeted by my beautiful city through a misty full moon evening..


Today I shot YARD. Yeah, the Bitches tits place, you know.. the dogs bollocks…? Yeah, I was just as confused. But hey, they.., Deluxe, serve the best fuckin coffee! Sandwiches - for which there are no words…, and, or so I have heard, (and can definitely fucking believe) the best burgers in town..

moonlightmass halloween

Last night i decided not to participate in moonlightmass, but shoot it. Being Halloween, and a lover B-Grade horror, I decided only to use the full moon and available ambient light, including those up-lights along the circle path which created a reminiscent childhood memory of holding the flashlight under your chin while running around believing you were the living dead…

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